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Quantum Computing

Finland already has a strong quantum computing ecosystem aiming to build a full stack of quantum computing capability from hardware to applications. Finnish quantum and hybrid computing infrastructure offers an attractive basis for quantum computing research and development in Finland.​

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Quantum Computing

Finland has a strong research background in quantum science and technology including microelectronics. This creates an excellent basis for the development of advanced quantum computing solutions. Finland has internationally high-quality competence and research in areas with key importance to quantum technology, such as low-temperature, superconducting technology and photonics. Currently, Finland has competitive advantage in device research and development compared to most of the European countries. 

Close collaboration between research and business has created a powerful innovation ecosystem for basic and applied research and industry, which also serves as a breeding ground for startups. Some of which are already well-known in the emerging quantum computing market. Recently, open architecture-based companies have also emerged. 

Finnish quantum and hybrid computing infrastructure offers an attractive basis for quantum computing research and development in Finland. The infrastructure includes HELMI, Finnish quantum computer and LUMI, the world’s 3rd fastest supercomputer. As well as, internationally unique research and development and manufacturing infrastructure, which enables efficient and quick increase in the readiness level of the quantum technologies.

Finnish quantum ecosystem is aiming to build a full stack of quantum computing capability from hardware to applications. Business Finland has launched a Quantum Computing campaign to accelerate the growth and internationalization of the Finnish quantum ecosystem. In particular, the goal is to fund the development and deployment of the software stack and to support companies' experiments and demonstrations to solve major problems through quantum computing.