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In Finland, we like to be at the cutting-edge. We’re the biggest contributor to innovation per capita, with huge growth, business, and investment opportunities spanning a wide range of industries. Discover what Finland has to offer your business.

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Circular & biobased solutions

Sustainable use of natural resources

We’re experts in the sustainable use of our rich natural resources, which creates a  unique platform for bio-based production, partnerships, and growth opportunities.

Sustainable wood-based innovations

More than 75% of Finland is covered in forest, 90% of which is PEFC certified. Our sustainable wood-based innovations are accelerating climate change mitigation while offering new business opportunities in everything from textiles to biofuels.

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Data centers

Extraordinary environment for data centers

Finland combines rock-solid reliability, low energy prices, and the world’s fastest data connections to create an extraordinary environment for data centers.

Cost-effective location

Finland is one of the world’s most cost-effective data center locations thanks to low and stable electricity costs, reduced energy taxes, and a reliable power grid. Investors can turn recovered heat waste into a sustainable, sellable asset too.

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Digital solutions & technologies

Smart digital solutions

A trailblazer in smart, sustainable digital solutions, Finland is leading the way in IoT, cybersecurity, quantum computing, smart mobility, AI, and sustainable manufacturing.

Global leader in the IoT

Finland has fast become a global leader in the IoT thanks to a collaborative ecosystem of innovative companies and research institutions, talent, and testbeds. This ensures the whole technology portfolio is truly world-class.

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Energy & Electrification

Renewable technologies

Finnish companies are global market leaders in renewable technologies. Over 40% of our energy is renewable and we have bold plans to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Stable smart grid markets

Finland has one of the world’s most advanced and stable smart grid markets. Our electricity prices are among the lowest in Europe and we’re making energy even smarter with smart grid 2.0. It’s the ideal testbed for tomorrow’s energy solutions.

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Fresh ingredients

Finland is famed for its fresh ingredients from forests, fields, and water. Home to the world’s northernmost agriculture, we have thousands of years of experimentation under our belts – and we’re still innovating with new tastes and sustainable products.

Cool weather and clean soil

Finland’s cool weather, clean soil, and limited use of pesticides and fertilizers create the ideal conditions for luminous oats, as well as wild berries, herbs, mushrooms, and other crops.

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Gaming & Metaverse

Globally competitive gaming industry

In the past decade, Finland has developed a globally recognized and competitive gaming industry. From Angry Birds to Clash of Clans, we’ve produced some of the world’s favorite games.

Next-generation technologies

Home to global gaming giants, a robust gaming community and next-gen VR, AR and MR technologies, the Finnish gaming industry is a multi-billion-euro opportunity.

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Health & life sciences

Small giant in healthcare

Finland is a small giant in global healthcare. Our unique R&D infrastructure, easy access to health talent and data, and manufacturing prowess have created an environment where all industry players – big and small – can thrive.

Healthcare innovations

Finland is fuelling healthcare innovation with expertise that combines medical, engineering, and health tech know-how in a world-class innovation ecosystem.

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New Space Economy

Global player in the New Space Economy

Finland is a global player in the New Space Economy. As well as driving rapid developments in space exploration, we’re pioneering new technologies to predict and prevent ecological threats and natural disasters.

Finnish satellite technology

Finnish-built nano-satellite technology is helping to shape next-generation telecommunication satellites that can gather timely information relating to everything from the environment to transport to businesses.

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Travel & Fairs

Finland is a global travel hotspot

Combining clean and unspoiled nature, easy accessibility, and high sustainability standards, Finland has transformed into a global travel hotspot. The market is ripe for new services and concepts from international brands.

€8 billion industry in 10 years

Travelers are falling in love with Finland, fast. In fact, the Finnish tourism industry is set to rise to €8 billion in the next ten years.

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