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Find the fast lane to sustainable growth with our wide-ranging services

It’s our mission to help your business succeed. We do our very best to help you achieve your goals by connecting you to the right contacts and resources, with services tailored to meet your needs.

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Invest in Finland

Data collection

We provide up-to-date insights into the Finnish business environment and industry-specific data to help you make more informed decisions.


We offer funding for research product development and business development for startups, SMEs, and large organizations working with small companies


We connect you to the right contacts, companies, and institutions through introductory meetings and events, such as roundtables, workshops, and webinars.

Opportunity analysis

We make decision-making easier for you by providing a trusted, independent second opinion bolstered by market-leading knowledge.

Setting up

We help save you time, effort, and money from the get-go with guidance on business setup and entry points for foreign companies operating in Finland.


Once you’re set up in Finland, we can help you to expand your business by identifying new opportunities and the right services to aid growth.

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Do Business with Finland

Trade promotion

We promote collaboration between companies and research groups across different markets in order to support trade between Finnish and foreign companies.

Contacts & networks

We open doors by connecting you to the right people, companies and networks.

Market insights

We provide industry-specific market studies and access to tailored reports on the Finnish business landscape to ensure that your next move is based on accurate, relevant data.

Events & group visits

We participate and organise trade shows and exhibitions to find perfect matches for Finnish companies that are going to international markets.

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Contact us – we're here to help

If you want to know more about Finnish industries and business opportunities, be in touch with our industry experts.

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