Finland: A prime destination for investors

Imagine an investment opportunity where the economy is stable, your investment is protected, the workforce is skilled and competitively priced, and taxes are relatively low. Sounds good, right? Meet Finland. With a commitment to maintaining high international standards and a favorable business climate, Finland has earned the 3rd spot in the Milken Institute’s Global Opportunity Index (GOI) 2024.

The Milken Institute ranks Finland 1st in International Standards and Policy, while various global indices highlight Finland's governance and open investment environment, ensuring investments are well-protected and easily accessible.

The Milken Institute's Global Opportunity Index (GOI) helps investors identify opportunities beyond local markets by measuring the attractiveness of countries for global investments. The GOI is an objective benchmark that evaluates economic, financial, institutional, and regulatory conditions, providing essential information for investors and policymakers.

Finland's excellent performance in the GOI is driven by top scores in two key categories: International Standards and Policy (1st) and Business Perception (2nd). These rankings highlight Finland's commitment to a favorable investment environment and enhance its global appeal.

One of the most open economies for FDI

Alignment with global norms makes Finland a desirable destination for investments. The Milken Institute ranks Finland 1st in International Standards and Policy, while various global indices highlight Finland's governance and open investment environment, ensuring investments are well-protected and easily accessible.

You can also benefit from one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union at 20%. The Finnish Tax Administration is renowned for its business-friendly, predictable approach and provides free-of-charge services, making business easy.

Investors praise stability, high skill level and infrastructure

A highly favorable business perception among investors significantly enhances Finland's attractiveness. Foreign-owned companies rate Finland well for its business environment, with more than half of them considering expansion and nearly half planning to hire more personnel.

The strengths include societal stability, which provides a secure and predictable environment for businesses; high employee skill levels, ensuring a competent and innovative workforce; and predictable laws and regulations, making it easier for companies to plan and operate. These qualities that impress investors are seen as standard in Finnish business.

Leading the world in innovation and public governance

Finland is renowned for its innovation capabilities, transparency, and openness. Recognized as the top country for innovation by the CTA™ Innovation Scorecard 2023, Finland is an innovation leader with a performance of 134.3% of the EU average. High levels of public-private co-publications and collaboration among innovative SMEs highlight the great innovation ecosystem.

Finland is also praised for its strong performance in physical property rights, rule of law, IP protection perception, and access to financing according to the International Property Rights Index (IPRI). Additionally, Finland is known for its exemplary public governance, characterized by effective and corruption-free government operations. With smoother regulatory processes and less bureaucratic red tape, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your investment, or about lengthy processes to access them.

Only straight A’s for economy

Despite facing an economic downturn like much of the world, Finland’s economic fundamentals remain solid. Finland’s credit ratings are AA+ (Fitch), AA1 (Moody’s), and AA+ (Standard & Poor’s), indicating a stable outlook.

This robust economic landscape, supported by a well-functioning financial system and access to diverse funding sources, makes Finland a smart choice for investors seeking long-term security and returns. Investing in Finland means placing your money in a stable, resilient economy with a promising future.

Ranked #1 for supporting startups and scale-ups

While there are areas for improvement in financial services, Finland excels in supporting new ventures. According to the Global Innovation Index, Finland ranks first in financing for startups and scale-ups. The country offers a mix of private and public financing providers, ensuring that new businesses have access to the necessary capital to thrive.

Additionally, EU funding opportunities further bolster the financial ecosystem, making it easier for entrepreneurs to secure funding. This extensive support system highlights Finland's dedication to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship, creating an ideal environment for new businesses to succeed.

Talent for your needs

Finland is ranked #1 in the business and labor landscape and is highly recognized for its ability to attract, develop, and retain skilled talent. With continuous investments into education, the country focuses on a consistent, highly educated, and competitively priced workforce.

The Finnish education system, renowned for its quality, emphasizes critical thinking and creativity, producing graduates who are well-prepared to meet the demands of a dynamic global market. This, coupled with Finland's high quality of life and strong social support systems, makes it a top destination for professionals seeking both career growth and personal well-being.

Why should you invest in Finland?

Find a stable and supportive business climate, a skilled workforce, and a thriving, innovative ecosystem in the ideal investment destination of Finland. By investing in Finland, you align with a nation that values progress, stability, and excellence, paving the way for successful investments. For tailored information to support your business, contact Invest in Finland advisors.


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