Bluefors Oy

Bluefors is the world leader in manufacturing cryogenic measurement systems, cryocoolers and other cryogenic product lines for quantum technology, fundamental physics research and other select industries, such as life sciences and clean energy. We are dedicated to delivering the most reliable, versatile, and easy-to-operate systems on the market.

Company size: 500-1000 Employees
Current markets: America, Asia, Europe, Oceania
Turnover: € 100-250M
Key offering: Quantum Computing
Keywords: Dilution refrigerators, Cryogenic platform, Cryogenic Wafer Prober, Wiring, Magnets, Cryocoolers

Our value proposition

The quality of our products in combination with our scalable production capabilities, has made us the preferred choice for ultra-low temperature requirements at universities, research institutes, and corporations globally.

Our offering

We are dedicated to build easy to operate one push button cool-down cryogen-free dilution refrigerator measurement systems. Our dedication and expertise will make sure that each final product is trouble free with a guaranteed long lifetime. We offer a variety of models of cryogenic measurement systems that can be further equipped with a wide range of options (experimental wiring, optical access, and magnet integration). Our systems can be customized to meet the requirements of each intended use.

About Bluefors Oy

We are here to enable the quantum technology breakthrough, to support scientists and industries to go further, to allow new innovations, and to grow and care for our global community. We started from Aalto University in 2008 doing a few systems per year. Then, we were able to grow with the community and scale up our production to the next level. We have established industrial manufacturing to the cryogenic sector and installed more than 1 000 systems worldwide. Now we are working on a truly scalable supply chain with truly process-based production.

What kind of partner we are looking for

We support scientists and industries and work together with different stakeholders to create a predictable and scalable cryogenic measurement infrastructure: scientific laboratories, universities and research institutes, Hardware and Software-focused Quantum Computing companies, businesses in superconducting materials and nanoelectronics.

Contact info Bluefors Oy

Tel: +358 9 5617 4800 Arinatie 10 00370 Helsinki

Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer Jonas Geust
Last updated 8.8.2023