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Finland and Finnish companies offer international partners a reliable, hardworking, efficient and fresh partnership. In Finland the producer sleeps better!

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The Finnish film and TV production industry is blooming. With new audiences, acclaimed awards and a reputation for reliable, efficient, highly skilled and technologically savvy, English-speaking crews and talent, Finland is an ideal location for international collaboration.

The Finnish film and TV production companies create unique and compelling content. Films such as Fallen Leaves (2023), Sisu (2023), My Sailor My Love (2022), Hatching (2022), or series like Bordertown or Arctic Circle are just a few examples of Finnish content which has won awards or hearts of the global audience recently.

In addition to original content, Finnish production service companies gain international prestige. They serve co-prodcutions but also industry giants like Disney, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Sony, Apple TV, and Warner Bros Animation, and have built a reputation for providing comprehensive production services for any type of filming or animation needs.

As a technologically oriented country, Finland has embraced innovative techniques like virtual production and cutting-edge technologies extremely well. The country is home to several internationally acclaimed XR and VFX studios as well as a top-level gaming engine-based icVFX studio. 

Finland also fosters strong bonds between design, visual arts, and gaming, and has a vivid animation scene, featuring globally recognized animated features like Niko and the Angry Birds movies, and series like Moominvalley made by Finnish animation production companies.

Transparency and accountability are paramount in every step of the production process, from pre-production to post-production. Finnish companies are also paying a close attention to environmental sustainability and social responsibility In the film and TV industry. 

With the help of our companies Finland offers a diverse selection of natural locations that are easily accessible and with existing infrastructure throughout all four distinct seasons, featuring unique lighting and weather conditions. The summers are warm, but not excessively hot, while the winters are reliably snowy. 

Film in Finland (FiF) is a marketing brand managed by Business Finland to promote Finnish films, Finnish companies and Finland as a filming location. Business Finland is the manager of Finnish audiovisual production incentive. More information: 

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