Valofirma - The Light House

Finland’s leading film equipment rental house, with the most comprehensive and high-end gear available in the Nordic and Baltic region. A one-stop shop offering film equipment, stages, vehicles, trailers, location scouting, and crew.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: America, Asia, Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Film in Finland
Keywords: equipment rental and stages, production and animation services, film equipment, location scouting, trailer, production services, crew services, green filmmaking, camera accessories, grip

Our value proposition

We have tight connections to neighboring countries and work across borders. We have an extensive international network and primary access to the newest gear, and are the only rental company in the Nordics and Baltics that offers basecamp trailers.

Our offering

We offer: camera, lights, grip, photo equipment, location scouting and services, trailers, stages, transportation, and crew. We are headquartered in Helsinki, but have branches and service points across Finland's filming hubs. We have international industry standard equipment available: top brands for digital cameras, lenses, dollies, motion control, telescopic cranes, stabilized heads, lighting equipment. We're pros at Arctic shooting: us and the gear cope well in extreme conditions!

About Valofirma - The Light House

Valofirma is Finland’s leading film equipment rental house. Our stock is the most comprehensive and high-end in the Nordic and Baltic region. We're Finland's one-stop shop offering an extensive range of international industry standard film equipment, sound stages, vehicles, fleets of trailers, and talented crew to accommodate your production, wherever you decide to shoot in this part of the world. With a staff of more than 40 and over a thousand IMDb credits, we are Finland’s premier rental house. Visit our website for all services and available products.

What kind of partner we are looking for

We are looking for producers and commissioners representing a wide range of productions. We offer equipment, stages, trailers, crew and location services for all types of audiovisual content (features, scripted TV, non-scripted TV, commercials, shorts, docs, music videos, etc.), in a wide budget range (from micro budgets to tentpole blockbusters).

Contact info Valofirma - The Light House

Tel: +358 10 323 8080 Laippatie 14 00880 Helsinki

CMO Anni Wessman
Last updated 5.9.2023