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Metal and Machinery

Finland stands at the forefront of innovation, offering high-tech solutions in industrial automation, predictive maintenance, business automation, and the industrial internet of things, both for end users and equipment manufacturers. Our approach is uniquely tailored to address specific requirements across the entire product value chain. Choose Finland as your partner from crucial planning stages to pivotal decision-making processes when specialized services and technology are needed. 

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Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Finnish innovators redefine global manufacturing with real-time predictive insights into critical equipment, ensuring quality and continuity. Offering wireless tech, industrial clouds and plug & play IoT, they excel in rapid product development and creative co-development, serving major clients worldwide with minimal time to solution. 


9 Finnish companies offering Predictive Maintenance Solutions

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Predictive Maintenance Solutions collection (9 companies)

Battery Intelligence Oy

Bamomas, is the go-to for OEMs and system integrators seeking cutting-edge remote monitoring and battery analytics software solutions. Contact us to fast-track your time to market, cut costs, and mitigate risks—let's shape the future together!

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Bamomas/Battery Intelligence Oy is a leading provider of battery analytics solutions. Founded in 2018 as a Tampere University spin-off, the company has gained significant experience with domestic and international customers and partners.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Turnover: € 0-25M
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Finland's key offering collections

Find your best Finnish supplier match by exploring companies and solutions according to your key interests

Finland is revolutionizing sustainable manufacturing, leveraging technologies like VR and AR to visualize products and streamline production lines. Through predictive maintenance, waste is minimized, and networks are secured. Our smart factories, equipped with industrial automation, robotics, and IoT, offer cutting-edge solutions towards green transition.

In the realm of machinery, the landscape is rapidly evolving. Traditional machines are giving way to automated, digitalized, and sustainable alternatives, driving productivity. Finland leads this development, offering a diverse range of efficient machinery tailored to various industries, from aggrotech to automotive and maritime ice-breaking industries.

In mining, Finland is spearheading the adoption of next-generation technologies. Smart mining solutions, including intelligent machinery, wireless technology, and autonomous systems, are reshaping the industry landscape. With a focus on environmental responsibility, Finland offers innovative solutions for sustainable mining practices.

The demand for metal recycling solutions is surging, driven by the need for responsible waste management in a circular economy. Finland is at the forefront of EU battery and metal recycling research, developing efficient processes to meet these demands while minimizing environmental impact.

Efficient supply chain management is essential for business success. Finland provides customizable hardware and software solutions to automate and streamline supply chain operations across industries. By freeing up resources through automation and intelligent data management, businesses can focus on enhancing customer satisfaction and driving growth.

Finland offers a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions across manufacturing, machinery, mining, recycling, and supply chain management. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, Finland is shaping the future of industry and driving global progress. High-tech solutions are available when a special industry specific expertise is needed.