Battery Intelligence Oy

Bamomas, is the go-to for OEMs and system integrators seeking cutting-edge remote monitoring and battery analytics software solutions. Contact us to fast-track your time to market, cut costs, and mitigate risks—let's shape the future together!

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Asia, Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Communications and Mobility,Decarbonized Cities – Urban Mobility,Energy and built environment,Batteries value chain,Battery applications,Battery cells and packs,Battery recycling and reuse,Metal and Machinery,Predictive Maintenance Solutions
Keywords: analytics, battery diagnostics, battery, battery data, data analytics, industrial iot,

Our value proposition

Extension of battery life in EV fleet operations. 90% ROI with fleet rotation optimization

Reduced time to market, lower costs and risks of implementation of battery monitoring and analytics solution

Our offering

Battery analytics platform - a holistic solution for OEMs to take great care of the battery assets across the whole life cycle and provide valuable service to their clients enhancing battery life, and ensuring safety. The solution reduces time to market, and costs and enhances customer capabilities with Bamomas expertise. eFleetly - mobility fleet analytics service for fleet operators built with Bamomas analytics. Our customer Austrian Post is on track to achieve 90% ROI thanks to an EV service

About Battery Intelligence Oy

Bamomas/Battery Intelligence Oy is a leading provider of battery analytics solutions. Founded in 2018 as a Tampere University spin-off, the company has gained significant experience with domestic and international customers and partners.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Seek for battery and battery-powered machine manufacturers, EV fleet operators, grid storage battery manufacturers and operators, partners for battery passport implementation, and other companies in battery value chain.

Contact info Battery Intelligence Oy

Tel: +358504478544 Akerlundinkatu 8 33100 Tampere

CEO Pavel Marek
Last updated 15.3.2024