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Explore Finland's film and TV industry for international collaboration. Trusted Finnish movie production companies cater to industry giants with comprehensive filming and animation support. Benefit from a hub of innovative technologies, including virtual production. 

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Find your best Finnish supplier match by exploring companies and solutions according to your key interests

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Find your best Finnish supplier match by exploring companies and solutions according to your key interests

Choose Finland's flourishing film and TV industry for your next international collaboration. With a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and highly skilled English-speaking talent, Finnish crews are the ideal partners. Award-winning content like Fallen Leaves, Sisu, and Bordertown showcases the industry's creative prowess. 

Finnish movie production companies, trusted by global giants like Disney, Netflix, and Warner Bros Animation, provide comprehensive services for all filming and animation needs. Finland's technological prowess is evident in its embrace of virtual production and cutting-edge techniques, with internationally acclaimed XR and VFX studios leading the way.

Beyond production, Finland's strong ties between design, visual arts, and gaming contribute to a vibrant animation scene. Recognized globally for features like Niko and the Angry Birds movies, and series like Moominvalley, Finnish animation companies showcase their creativity. 

Transparency and accountability are embedded in every stage of the film production companies’ process, with a keen focus on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Finland offers a diverse selection of natural locations accessible throughout the year, featuring unique lighting and weather conditions. Try filming in Finland! 

Film in Finland (FiF), managed by Business Finland, serves as a marketing brand to promote Finnish films, companies, and the country as a filming location. With Business Finland managing the Finnish audiovisual production incentive, explore the possibilities at 

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