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Communications and Mobility

Discover Finland's pioneering connectivity and mobility solutions, spanning 6G research, space technology, autonomous vehicles, and cybersecurity. Benefit from seamless integration tailored to your business needs and join us in shaping the future of communication and mobility. Partner with Finland for sustainable and secure solutions that propel your business forward.

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Communications and Mobility collection (47 companies)

SSH Communications Security

SSH is a defensive cybersecurity company that safeguards communications and access between systems, automated applications, and people. We have 5,000+ customers worldwide, including 40 percent of Fortune 500. Our passwordless and keyless Zero Trust s...

  • Cybersecurity,Public Safety and Critical Communications,Automotive Manufacturing,Communications and Mobility
  • access management, cybersecurity, operational efficiency, identity management and control, data management, critical communications, secure communications,
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SH is a European Defensive Cybersecurity trailblazer hailing from Finland. We have a global presence, our multinational team of experts works across AMER, EMEA, and APAC We have over 100 registered patents and a long history of innovation and driv...

Company size: 100-250 Employees
Turnover: € 0-25M
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Find your best Finnish supplier match by exploring companies and solutions according to your key interests

Finland is at the forefront of communication infrastructure, having introduced groundbreaking technologies like SMS and pioneering 6G research. You may benefit from innovative and secure solutions in network planning, integration, and software applications, courtesy of one of the world's most digitalized countries.

Our expertise extends to smart and automated mobility, with solutions ranging from autonomous vehicles and advanced sensors to mobility services and electromobility. Rigorous testing ensures finished products that prioritize sustainability, from last-mile delivery to route optimization.

In cybersecurity, Finland leads by example, with a robust National Cybersecurity Plan and collaborative efforts between public and private sectors. Finnish ICT and cybersecurity companies set global standards in securing vital business assets.

For public safety, Finland offers a comprehensive ecosystem covering preventive planning, infrastructure, mission-critical applications, and operations. Interoperability lies at the core of Finnish public safety innovations, ensuring seamless coordination across systems for smooth societal functioning.

In the realm of space technology, Finland contributes standard technology to international space missions, with Nokia notably building a cellular network on the moon. Rely on Finland's deep R&D expertise and atmospheric knowledge for satellite communication services and secure connectivity solutions.

Gain situational awareness with Finland's advanced capabilities, from satellites and sensors to drones and data solutions. Detect changes in real-time and make informed decisions with secure systems that crunch data efficiently, covering everything from orbital to ground-level observations.