Vediafi Oy

Vediafi Ltd is a Finnish company, which sells and develops solutions to make logistics more efficient and greener and for data driven circular economy. Solutions combine our extensive expertise on mobile services, IoT and location-based solutions, as well as data driven products and services.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Communications and Mobility,Decarbonized Cities – Urban Mobility,Energy and built environment,Decarbonized Cities – Built Environment
Keywords: logistics, data sharing, carbon emission management software, digital twin, location services, regulatory affairs, circular economy,

Our value proposition

We are forerunner in digital logistics who offers solutions for more efficient and greener transport and logistics.

We offer cutting edge solutions for secure multi stakeholder data platforms.

Our offering

Vedia offers solutions for smart and sustainable logistics in the field of EU focused IoT-Services, eFTI-data services, recycling data services, emission mitigation services and consultancy. These domains have become essential for authorities, enterprises, and transport companies e.g. to track and report logistics events and CO2 emissions on multimodal supply chains. Our services improve efficiency and situational awareness and help to improve supply chain transparency, reduce emissions

About Vediafi Oy

Vediafi Ltd is a Finnish company, established 2013 in Helsinki, with the mindset of an engineer with the ambition and curiosity of a mountaineer. At the moment we are a vibrant and agile company with some 15 experts and accelerating CaaS partner ecosystem, which are mainly based in Finland, North Europe and Germany. We are well positioned ourself in EU regulation work the twin transition of supply chains. We see that these regulative changes will enable huge new business potentials and for sure we want our share of that.

What kind of partner we are looking for

We are seeking collaboration partners and channel sales partners, who can supplement our offering and potentially offer local customer support. In addition, we are looking collaboration partners from both private and public sector, who want to digitalize their logistics and circular economy processes and to monitor sustainability.

Contact info Vediafi Oy

Tel: +358503031268 Valimotie 13a 00380 Helsinki

CEO Matti Lankinen
Project Director Lasse Nykänen
Last updated 17.4.2024