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Food and Beverages

Finnish food has combined thousands of years of Nordic cuisine with modern ingenuity. This gives us healthy, naturally delicious food, which is produced with minimum impact on the environment.

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As Finland is investing highly to food sector RDI work, Finnish food and beverage companies are able to constantly introduce new innovative consumer products to domestic and international markets.


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Food and Beverages

Finland has a very intense growing season where plants thrive with abundance of light. The cool climate helps to reduce the need for pesticides. Seasonal, high-quality raw materials have been driving innovation in Finland for generations. Today, those innovations include e.g. vertical farming under LED lights and plant-based and ’free from’ food products. For example, Finnish oats and fava beans are a source of new plant-protein innovations and other tasty and healthy food products. Backed by groundbreaking R&D, the Finnish food industry is a trailblazer also in developing lactose-free dairy products and gluten-free foods; in fact, Finnish oats are a perfect raw material for many gluten-free products. 

Animal welfare and environmental issues are at the core of Finnish food production. Finns never compromise on food safety, with traceability as a major priority. Finland aims for the most transparent, safe and responsible food chain in the world. Antibiotics are not used preventatively, and no antibiotics have been used for poultry since 2009. Thanks to a long-standing and strict salmonella control program, salmonella in food is virtually non-existent. The Finnish food industry strives for carbon neutrality and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75 % by 2035. Delivering sustainable food from generation to generation, Finland is all about the “smart taste of nature”.