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Finnish Startup Permit

Are you an international growth entrepreneur from outside the EU looking to build a startup in Finland? You might qualify for the Finnish Startup Permit. But first, our team at Business Finland will need to evaluate whether your business model, team, and resources show potential for rapid international growth. If it does, you will receive a positive Eligibility Statement, to be attached to your Startup Permit application.

The Startup Permit is issued for a maximum of two years and can be renewed. It does not include investments or financial support.

Please note: Due to summer vacation season, processing time of eligibility statements is longer than usual. During July no statements will be send. Processing continues in August.

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To be eligible to apply for the Startup Permit, you need


Startup team with at least two founders with versatile expertise and who are planning to move to Finland.


Access to sufficient resources and funding for the company's early-stage development as well as secure financial means for personal support.

Business plan

Innovative business plan and commitment to the business idea.

Significant holding

The team has to have at least 60% holding in the company.


An intention to establish a fast-growth company in Finland.

Working full-time

Working full-time at the company

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Take a look

Please familirize yourself with the application and what is required from the applicants when applying the eligibility statement from Business Finland.

To the instructions

Starting up in Finland is simple – follow these steps

Submit your Eligibility Statement application to Business Finland
Step 1

Submit your Eligibility Statement application to Business Finland

Business Finland will evaluate whether your business plan and the team meet the criteria for fast growth startup business. This must be submitted on behalf of a team, with one team member designated as the main point of contact. Submit the Eligibility Statement application through the Enter Finland Platform and attach passport copies and CVs of all team members.

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Complete your residence permit application to the Finnish immigration service
Step 2

Complete your residence permit application to the Finnish immigration service

If you have received a positive Eligibility Statement from Business Finland, you can then apply for a residence permit from the Finnish Immigration Service. Each team member needs to submit their application individually through the Enter Finland Platform. The main point of contact will be responsible for sharing the statement with all team members.

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Establish a company in Finland
Step 3

Establish a company in Finland

Once you have established your company in Finland, you can benefit from a wide range of services and resources. Business Guide is an extensive package on everything one should know before establishing a business in Finland.

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Renew your startup permit
Step 4

Renew your startup permit

When your residence permit is about to expire and you want to continue running your startup in Finland, you need to apply for an extension. You can apply for your extended Startup Permit directly at the Finnish Immigration Service. You do not need to apply for a new Eligibility Statement from Business Finland. If the Finnish Immigration Service requires a renewed Eligibility Statement, they will contact Business Finland.

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Don't meet the criteria for the Startup Permit?

If you do not currently meet the criteria for the Startup Permit, please explore the residence permit for entrepreneurs, which has different requirements. This will apply to: 

  • A Finnish subsidiary or a branch office of a foreign enterprise
  • A company aimed solely at Finnish markets
  • A business without an innovative competitive advantage, such as restaurants, consultancies, import and distribution businesses, and other service businesses.


Questions about Eligibility Statement?

If you have questions concerning the Eligibility Statement Request, please send us an email at startuppermit (at)