Vihdas Oy - Natural Nordic

Our Finnish brand, Natural Nordic, is passionate about promoting nature's pure and healing ingredients with carefully selected, 100% natural, sustainable, unique, premium-quality products, that are suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets. Select from various berry, herb or mushroom powders, nothing added. Get inspired of Finnish forest flavors.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Food,Ingredients,Organic,Retail
Keywords: Additive-free, natural ingredients, organic, berry powder, wild herbs, forest mushrooms, chaga, natural cosmetics, vegan, superfoods

Our value proposition

We offer 100% natural products, without any additives. We carefully select naturally sustainable products, that are suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets, and for human and animal consumption. Finnish forest flavors - nature speaks for itself.

Our offering

Our selection includes a range of berry and herb powders, and their mixes, chaga groats, forest mushrooms both dried and as powders, and easy-to-use instant drink powders, also natural cosmetics such as clay masks and herbal balms in early 2023. We provide also organic berry powders. Please, read more about our selection at You can shop online, we deliver worldwide.

About Vihdas Oy - Natural Nordic

Two owner-entrepreneurs offer 100% natural, premium-quality berry, herb and mushroom powders, superfoods without any additives. Naturally sustainable products, suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets, and for human and animal consumption. Get inspired of Finnish forest flavors - Finnish nature's unique offering.

What kind of partner we are looking for

We are looking for importers and distributors in new markets as well as new retailers. We are happy to provide larger bulk quantities to specialty restaurants, bakeries, snack producers, supplement manufacturers etc.

Contact info Vihdas Oy - Natural Nordic

Tel: +358503800930 Mannilantie 115 11710 Riihimäki

CEO Asko Rantanen
Last updated 18.3.2024