Top Data Science Oy

Top Data Science is a consultative services company that helps organizations to derive value through innovative use of AI technologies. Our international team is serving clients from small specialized companies to world-class corporations.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Asia, Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Automotive Manufacturing,5G based industry 4.0
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning, Software Development, Data Science, Computer Vision, Business Optimization, Production Optimization, MLOps

Our value proposition

Consultative services that bring the power of AI to your business.

Our offering

Top Data Science service portfolio is designed to help organizations and individuals, regardless of their level of AI technology adoption. Our consultative service approach starts with sharing insights into the latest AI advancements and leads up to providing guidance on the best practices for operating and maintaining AI-based solutions.

About Top Data Science Oy

Top Data Science was founded in 2016 in Helsinki, Finland with a passion to solve customer’s toughest business problems with AI. This passion, curiosity, scientific mind-set and let's-do-it mentality resulted in executing 100+ projects to a wide variety of industries to test, learn and validate how AI and machine learning can be used in different customer cases. Today our services cover the whole life-cycle of AI utilization from sharing latest technology advancements to making sure that the production-grade solutions are serving our customers optimally and providing continuous business value.

What kind of partner we are looking for

We are looking forward business development, technology providers and R&D organizations to co-innovate disruptive and scalable technology solutions and business models for international markets.

Contact info Top Data Science Oy

Tel: +358 40 5912369 Kuortaneenkatu 2 00510 Helsinki

CEO Shun Hirai
COO Kai Lehtinen
Last updated 5.3.2024