Tamturbo Oyj

Tamturbo enables cleaner and more energy-efficient industrial compressed air production with Touch-Free™ compressor technology and service models. Tamturbo compressors offer a sustainable solution that is completely oil-free, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and offers the lowest total cost of ownership.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Africa, America, Asia, Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Food & Beverages Industry
Keywords: compressed air, sustainability, industry 4.0, oil-free air, turbo compressor, circular economy,

Our value proposition

The most sustainable compressed air solution with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Our offering

Tamturbo develops, manufactures and sells 100% oil-free, energy efficient, and maintenance-free air compressors for sustainable manufacturing. 20–30% lower total cost of ownership. 10–15 % electricity savings. 80–90% less maintenance. 100% remotely monitoring. Superior energy recovery possibilities. Up to 93 % of energy can be recovered. 100% oil-free compressor with zero risk of oil contamination.

About Tamturbo Oyj

Tamturbo has been founded around the idea that the world needs a more environmentally friendly alternative to producing compressed air. Our oil-free air compressors far surpasses the legacy industrial air compressor technologies both in performance and in significantly lower life cycle cost. Our customers save significantly money and environment at the same time. The world leading companies in environmental sustainability and circular economy are Tamturbo's customers.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Customers in Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Electronics, Chemical, Automotive, Tire, Textile, General Manufacturing industries, where oil-free compressed air is needed. Oil-free air is always the lowest Total Cost of Ownership solution, and Tamturbo's solutions are clearly the lowest TCO solution in the markets.

Contact info Tamturbo Oyj https://www.tamturbo.com/

Tel: +3581042323 Koskikatu 7A5 33100 Tampere

Chief Commercial Officer Brecht Vanlee
Chief Growth Officer Timo Pulkki
Last updated 5.3.2024