SSH Communications Security

SSH is a defensive cybersecurity company that safeguards communications and access between systems, automated applications, and people. We have 5,000+ customers worldwide, including 40 percent of Fortune 500. Our passwordless and keyless Zero Trust solutions reduce costs and complexity, and quantum-safe encryption keeps connections future-proof.

Company size: 100-250 Employees
Current markets: America, Asia, Europe, Oceania
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Cybersecurity,Public Safety and Critical Communications,Automotive Manufacturing
Keywords: access management, cybersecurity, operational efficiency, identity management and control, data management, critical communications, secure communications,

Our value proposition

Our solutions are keyless, passwordless, zero trust, and frictionless. Share, transmit, and store files securely. Manage access, secrets, and shared credentials. Stay future-proof with quantum-safe encryption.

Full-scale Secure Access for Operational Technology. Manage on- and off-site OT secure remote access to any ICS/OT target at scale. in industrial automation and manufacturing businesses with PrivX OT Edition.

Our offering

We secure communications and access between systems, automated applications, and people. Our customers include: - Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies - Leading federal and local government agencies in North and South America, Europe, and Asia - Leading banks and other financial institutions - Some of the largest retailers in the world - Major manufacturing and industrial companies - The creme-de-la-creme of the high-tech world

About SSH Communications Security

SH is a European Defensive Cybersecurity trailblazer hailing from Finland. We have a global presence, our multinational team of experts works across AMER, EMEA, and APAC We have over 100 registered patents and a long history of innovation and drive to make our everyday lives more secure. We have future-proof solutions, our products are engineered to withstand the test of novel future technologies.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Drive sales growth with a long-standing technology pioneer in secure access management and secure business communications solutions. We know selling security solutions is a team game, and our partners are a key part of our go-to-market and growth strategies. We would like to be a part of your game plan too.

Contact info SSH Communications Security

Tel: +358 40 5499605 Karvaamokuja 2 b 00380 Helsinki

CEO Teemu Tunkelo
Last updated 5.3.2024