Silverskin information security Oy

Silverskin provides a range of offensive security services including continuous security testing, penetration testing, red teaming and R&D security consultation. We help our customers to understand their attack surface and to improve their resilience.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Cybersecurity
Keywords: Penetration testing, secure-by-design, continuous penetration testing

Our value proposition

Silverskin is a cyber attack company specialized in secure-by-design advisory and continuous penetration testing.

Our offering

Our analysis methods provide a deeper understanding of the attack surface and the detected weaknesses. Our continuous security testing services provide situational awareness on a new level, securing business critical solutions with rapid release cycles.

About Silverskin information security Oy

Silverskin is a Helsinki-based cyber-attack company founded in 2009. For over 10 years we have served clients in industries like telecommunications, finance, technology, healthcare, and defense.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Organizations that develop and/or maintain security critical services and/or networks.

Contact info Silverskin information security Oy

Tel: +358407537234 meritullintori 3 00100 Helsinki

sales manager tommi lahtinen
Last updated 18.10.2023