Scouter Mobility Oy

Scouter Mobility manufactures Solar Scouter fleets for local operators The fleets can be used to build any sustainable, zero emission mobility business, such as people transportation, logistics, maintenance, tourist services, mobile marketing, promotion, etc.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Asia, Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Communications and Mobility,Decarbonized Cities – Urban Mobility,Energy and built environment,Battery applications,Metal and Machinery,Automotive Manufacturing,Batteries value chain
Keywords: Mobility operators,zero emission,mobility,carbon free,light electric vehicle,LEV,fleet management, innovation, platform

Our value proposition

Comprehensive, sustainable and responsible micro mobility platform: Fleet operations and location-based advertising.

Our offering

Solar Scouter platform is used to establish local sustainable business: 1. Solar Scouters are light electric vehicles that can run entirely on solar power, with zero carbon impact. 2. Solar Scouter fleets are assembled in local micro factories, by local operators and local people. 3. Solar Scouters enable cost and resources efficient businesses for local entrepreneurs. 4. Scouter Mobility company offers tailored fleet solutions and leasing model for the local operators.

About Scouter Mobility Oy

Scouter Mobility started in 2014 with the mission to implement zero emission, safe, fun and social mobility for all. The first phase of development created Gen1 Scouter, EU type approved light electric vehicle (L1e-A). A fleet of 10 Scouters has been built for testing and piloting purposes. The second phase implements a complete light electric vehicle business with Solar Scouters and Local Factories. Scouter has been developed with automotive standards and high-quality materials and components, with world leading partners.

What kind of partner we are looking for

1. Funding partners to enable local operations in country level 2. Local operators, who want to start local business with Solar Scouters 3. Customers, who have a need for sustainable local micro mobility solutions.

Contact info Scouter Mobility Oy

Tel: +358505534783 Pellavatehtaankatu 8 E 59 33100 Tampere

CEO Pekka Ketola
Last updated 9.4.2024