Scopesensor Oy

ScopeSensor develops resilient IoT system solutions for customers and specific markets. Cybersecurity and resilient communications are important features for industrial applications, critical infrastructure and marine applications. ScopeSensor has a very long experience in wireless communications, providing the newest technologies for the customers

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Public Safety and Critical Communications
Keywords: industrial iot, design, innovations, consulting & engineering, cyberr security,

Our value proposition

With our system solutions the customers benefit from high quality IoT systems and communication networks with better reliability, cybersecurity, quality of service and resilience, providing savings, security, safety and trust in daily operations.

ScopeSensor provides also custom design system solutions and products design when needed in special applications. We are an experienced team player company with excellent team spirit and we want to share the same team spirit with the customer.

Our offering

ScopeSensor solutions are based on broadband wireless resilient communications with a combination of various high-tech solutions for each customer’s specific needs. The broadband data provides an excellent platform for larger bandwidth, so even the most detailed data can be transferred to where real-time decision-making happens.

About Scopesensor Oy

ScopeSensor is a wireless technology and product design company with its own high-tech solutions that can be used to solve multiple customer challenges with excellent teamwork. We have a long history and professional experience in wireless system solutions with digitization. We also have extensive experience in professional sourcing and manufacturing. Customers always benefit from getting decent pricing for their purchases and efficient cooperation with us.

What kind of partner we are looking for

ScopeSensor has a quite large network of suppliers, design partners and manufacturing partners. We are anyway looking for more partners who may have own innovations or special products and materials to offer. The good co-operation is the key in good business.

Contact info Scopesensor Oy

Tel: +358408203987 Teollisuustie 1 90830 Haukipudas

Chairman Of Board Jyrki Portin
Last updated 13.7.2023