Oy Mapvision Ltd

Mapvision’s mission is to visualize quality for manufacturing. We will be the eyes of smart factories. Our quality inspection systems and advanced real-time production analytics enable Industry 4.0.

Company size: 100-250 Employees
Current markets:
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Automotive Manufacturing
Keywords: Quality inspection, Production analytics, Flexible manufacturing, Smart Factories

Our value proposition

The fastest in-line quality inspection systems for complex car parts based on a unique fully digital multi-camera technology and absolute measurement.

One-click Flexibility and instant control for truly fixtureless manufacturing in flexible welding cells.

Our offering

We are the Eyes of Smart Factories. Our products make quality data easy to understand and create a visual memory of production. Mapvision Q Series is a fully digital, multi-camera technology for 100% in-line inspection used in the automotive industry. The system is fast and precise, ensuring 100% product quality and process control. Mapvision F Series provides position correction and manufacturing adjustments in real-time for flexible manufacturing.

About Oy Mapvision Ltd

We provide in-line quality inspection systems and advanced real-time analytics based on a multi-camera technology for 100% in-line quality inspection of complex parts in the car industry. Our customers are manufacturers of structural car body and chassis components and OEM body shops. Our fully digital quality system offers fast visual inspection of every feature of every automotive part in seconds and creates a visual database for retroactive analysis. Mapvision Absolute Measurement offers a CMM-free (Coordinate Measuring Machine) inspection based on computer-aided design (CAD) referencing.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Car manufacturers, Tier 1 part manufacturers and system integrators in the automotive industry.

Contact info Oy Mapvision Ltd https://www.mapvision.fi/

Tel: +358 50 441 8220 Malminkartanonkuja 4 00390 Helsinki

Chief Growth Officer Matias Impivaara
Last updated 5.3.2024