Osuuskunta Maitomaa

Maitomaa is a dairy cooperative founded by dairy farmers in 1915, situated in the middle of Nordic nature. Even today, one of our export products is good old country butter made from the milk, free of antibiotics and GMOs. Certificates: – BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety – ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 - Welfare Quality (WQ)- certificate

Company size: 50-100 Employees
Current markets: Europe
Turnover: € 50-100M
Key offering: Non-alcoholic beverages,Private label,Free from,Plant based / vegan
Keywords: Gluten-free, private label, vegan, non-alcoholic drinks, dairy, antibiotic free, contract manufacturing, UHT drink

Our value proposition

Maitomaa is putting a lot of effort to sustainability. As second dairy in Europe, we have been granted with the certificate that evaluates the overall welfare of animals (WQ) in all their farms with indicators based on scientific measures.

Maitomaa was the first dairy in Finland to measure the carbon footprint of the whole milk production from fields to a milk carton. All dairy farms of the company were included in the measurement.

Our offering

Sustainable activities, pure and health ingredients and competent staff combination ultimately turns our production of tasty products like yoghurt, cottage cheese, butter, liquid milk, healthy snack drinks and recovery drinks. In addition to our brand products, we also produce private label products to to big Finnish grocery store operators and contract manufacturing products to industrial partners.

About Osuuskunta Maitomaa

Maitomaa is a Finnish dairy, established 1915, is one of the largest dairies in Finland. Ownership and management are 100 % in the hands of milk producers. Maitomaa refines every year approximately 75 tons of milk. We have emphasized lots of effort to sustainability and welfare of animals.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Maitomaa is looking for long-term cooperation with foodservice distributors. Potential partners are for example wholesalers or distributors expanding their portfolio or other potential customers like food producers or companies looking for fresh and high-quality dairy products.

Contact info Osuuskunta Maitomaa https://www.maitomaa.fi/in-english/

Tel: +358 50 350 9675 Kuopiontie 2 77600 Suonenjoki

Marketing & Sales Laura Äimälä-Heiskanen
Last updated 2.10.2023