Orkla Suomi Finland Oy Ab

Orkla Suomi Finland Oy Ab is part of the broader Orkla Corporation. We operate with numerous consumer brands, such as Panda and Taffel. Panda is our confectionery brand, which has been producing licorice and chocolate since 1920’s. Since then we have grown to be one of the leading liquorice candy manufacturers in the world.

Company size: 500-1000 Employees
Current markets: America, Europe
Turnover: € 250-500M
Key offering: Food and Beverages,Food,Free from,Plant based / vegan
Keywords: licorice, liquorice, natural ingredients, clean label, free from, confectionery, candy, sweet, liquorice candy products,

Our value proposition

The Real Taste Of Licorice Since 1927

Only four ingredients

Our offering

Panda licorice and chocolate confectionery.

About Orkla Suomi Finland Oy Ab

Orkla Suomi Finland Oy Ab is a leading Finnish producer of delights with Panda brand. For over a century, Panda has been crafting exquisite licorice and chocolate confections in Vaajakoski, Finland. Panda's Natural Licorice is beloved by consumers for its clean label and natural ingredients, slow-cooked to perfection using traditional methods. Panda Natural Licorice has one of the shortest ingredient decks on the market and our licorice is made from just a few carefully selected natural ingredients.

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Contact info Orkla Suomi Finland Oy Ab https://www.pandalicorice.com/

Tel: +35820 791 8600 Äyritie 22 01510 VANTAA

Last updated 11.4.2024