Maustaja Oy

Maustaja Ltd is specialized in the processing, packaging and overall production of foods. Market orientation, a worldwide supplier network, flexibility and the efficient management of the work-flows combined with strict quality management have contributed to Maustaja Ltd becoming one of the leading contract manufacturers in Europe.

Company size: 50-100 Employees
Current markets: Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Food,Private label,Organic,Plant based / vegan
Keywords: Product development, package solution, pouch, snacks, baby food, healthy Nordic oat snack, functional supplies, sauces and condiments, organic products.

Our value proposition

Maustaja's new production line provides a handy solution for fluid or squeezable food supplies. The production process enables free from preservatives and additives - healthy and delicious in a pouch!

Maustaja is providing unique packaging solutions to support your goals, whether it will be standing out from the competition or messaging your brand's core values. Produced on site - less emissions, less logistics and less waste!

Maustaja provides an overall service concept including product development, tailored products exclusively made for you, and our competent teams's support all the way from product development through logistics.

Maustaja produces different sauces and condiments with long-term experience in various package solutions.

Our offering

Maustaja provides an overall service concept with long experience of comprehensive service concept including product development, tailored products exclusively and our competent team's support all the way from product development through logistics. We design and implement each product in co-operation with our customers. The product safety, traceability and transparency is well thought and on high level in our overall co-operation.

About Maustaja Oy

Maustaja Ltd is the largest Nordic and the world's most northern contract manufacturer of food products. The Maustaja attitude stems from Nordic genuineness and way of appreciating our customers and partners, it also refers to valuing our own environment and pure nature. Maustaja was established in the year 1972 and has been developing quality products to consumers ever since. We are known for high quality products and have been praised for being customer oriented. Over the years, we have created good long-term partnerships with our suppliers and our customers, so why don't you join our team?

What kind of partner we are looking for

Our customers consist from food industry, commercial chains, wholesale chains and stores as well as marketing companies of the food industry. We are looking for partners from all those groups as well as larger networking with suppliers and in food industry generally.

Contact info Maustaja Oy

Tel: +358207991399 Tuotetie 3 92930 Pyhäntä

Sales Manager Pauliina Paavola
CEO Tuomas Tuuli
Last updated 2.10.2023