Kopar Oy

Bulk material handling and conveying equipment for process industries. Equipment designed and manufactured in Finland for the optimal performance and utmost durability. Decades of experience and special focus on demanding operating conditions. Excellent know-how of handling and conveying of Li, Mn, Ni, Co hydroxides, oxides and sulphates.

Company size: 50-100 Employees
Current markets: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Energy and built environment,Batteries Primary materials,Battery materials,Battery recycling and reuse,Batteries value chain
Keywords: bulk material handling, conveyors, engineering, material handling machinery, material handling

Our value proposition

Simple yet robust conveying. Our pulse dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems have less valves which means less maintenance, more safety and no contamination of transported materials. We are handling it like no other.

Our offering

For battery industries we offer simple yet robust pulse dense phase pneumatic conveying systems with required auxiliary equipment; pipelines, filters, valves, silos as well as equipment logic and automations. Solid know-how on how to convey Li, Mn, Ni, Co hydroxides, oxides and sulphates with minimal risk of contamination. Complete package from engineering and manufacturing to assembly and training as well as Life Cycle Services with original spares and wears, all provided in-house.

About Kopar Oy

Kopar is an experienced player in the bulk material handling of various process industries. Special focus has been in difficult operating conditions. Smelters, power plants and different checmical process plants worldwide trust in Kopar conveyor systems and their utmost reliability. Kopar is also a leader in bulk material handling of Northern European battery chemical projects, including lithium-based materials and various hydroxides and oxides.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Clients in need of handling and conveying of battery chemicals, such as Li, Mn, Ni, Co hydroxides, oxides and sulphates. Other suppliers in order to find synergies and common interests.

Contact info Kopar Oy https://kopar.fi

Tel: +3583440180 Sepänkatu 2 39700 Parkano

Director, Sales Harri Talvensaari
Director, Technology Eero Lehtilä
Last updated 22.3.2024