Geyser Batteries oy

Geyser Batteries develops a new class of high-cycling power batteries using water-based electrochemistry - ideal to enable electrolysers, long-duration storage and hydropower for ancillary service profits. We offer the cheapest and greenest MW-Minute on the market - recyclable and free of lithium, or other critical raw materials.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Africa, America, Europe, Oceania
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Energy and built environment,Battery cells and packs,Batteries value chain
Keywords: batteries, sustainable, energy storage, high-power, FCR, FFR, supercapacitors

Our value proposition

We help utilities and major buyers of energy to use renewables and further drive electrification by stabilizing the power grid with the lowest CO2 emissions, the lowest cost, and the highest safety of any fast energy storage.

Our offering

Low-CAPEX fast energy storage solution to ensure hydropower plants can meet the toughest FCR requirements and dominate the ancillary service market. Our batteries can be fully charged in under 3 minutes, hundreds of thousands of times, with high power and without fire risk. The technology is free of CRMs, has very low carbon footprint, and relies on widely available and low-cost materials. In the future, Geyser batteries will ideally synergize with electrolysers and long-duration storage.

About Geyser Batteries oy

Geyser Batteries is a Finnish start-up established in 2018 and based in Mikkeli. The company develops and produces a new generation of low-cost, safe and sustainable power batteries using its proprietary aqueous electrochemistry. Today we are focusing on pilot projects in the stationary market, with other markets marked for the future. Our ultimate goal is to make the technology globally available with a low threshold to everyone interested in sourcing,producing or recycling Geyser batteries in their home region, thus fulfilling our mission of inclusive and sustainable electrification.

What kind of partner we are looking for

- Immediate: innovative hydropower plant owners/operators, who are interested in becoming piloting partners; - Mid-term: project developers for long-duration energy storage and/or electrolyzers - Strategic investors with an interest in the above-mentioned use-cases and ability to help us grow.

Contact info Geyser Batteries oy

Tel: +358 9 424 11451 Insinöörinkatu 5 50150 Mikkeli

Director, Sales&Product Management Stefan Strohmayer
Last updated 12.3.2024