Foodiq Oy

We are a unique food contract manufacturer that can both develop and produce plant-based products. We offer a one-stop-shop for plant-based product development and production. We serve both small and large companies. We offer contract manufacturing of plant-based dairy and dry products according to your recipe and as a private label.

Company size: 50-100 Employees
Current markets: Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Non-alcoholic beverages,Private label,Food
Keywords: plant-based, non-dairy, research & development, food production, private label,

Our value proposition

We’re passionate about the power of plants and want to drive the shift towards plant-based food and a climate friendly food system. By helping food companies innovate and develop tasty, commercially viable alternatives to consumer favorites.

Our offering

B2B services: - Future food product development - plant-based food production (non-dairy products, drinks, spoonable in multiple categories) - Fabea+ plant-based food ingredient (powder and block formats - for meat-replacement, non-dairy, bakery and extruder products)

About Foodiq Oy

Foodiq is a Nordic company whose mission is to create a better future food. Our company was founded in 2015. We believe that local production is better for nature and for food system. Instead of building globally serving mega factories, we at Foodiq focus on building mini-mills to utilize local ingredients and knowledge, improve self sufficiency as well as reducing carbon footprint in food production. We provide production capacity for our customers' products and we can build a new plant close to the customer's market.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Food companies who are on the same mission to save the world. Transition to plant-based is mandatory.

Contact info Foodiq Oy

Tel: +358505661065 Kansakoulukatu 1 B 00100 Helsinki

Chief Marketing Officer Jari Karlsson
Last updated 3.10.2023