EVA Solutions Group Oy

EVA Global is the leading electric vehicle managed services provider committed to ensuring the reliability, availability and accessibility of EV charging infrastructure. EVA Global offers a specialized managed service solution from multilingual end-user and technical support to complete infrastructure management services.

Company size: 250-500 Employees
Current markets:
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Communications and Mobility,Decarbonized Cities – Urban Mobility
Keywords: Electromobility, customer service, outsourced customer service, digital platform, remote monitoring, electric vehicle charging, network monitoring, charging network management, managed services,

Our value proposition

Ensuring Access, Ease and Integrity to Boost EV Charging Service Adoption, Value and Profitability.

Our offering

EVA Assists supports end-users at the charge point. Our EV-specialized experts improve your handling time and boost customer loyalty by fostering a positive relationship between your brand and end-users. Our charger network management solution, EVA Assures enhances the customer experience by ensuring the continuous uptime of your charger infrastructure. Our technical platform and support engineers who operate it provide a combination of automation and insight.

About EVA Solutions Group Oy

EVA Global was founded to address an issue affecting virtually all EV drivers. -Getting practical support at the charger to build trust on and drive the adoption rate of electric vehicles. While developing our services we have built our own technical platform, which has enabled us to further scale our services to charging network management. Our goal is to make charging easy for all parties involved. -Resulting in end-customer satisfaction and loyalty, accelerating the transition to zero emission future in the road transport sector and the viability of EV charging operations.

What kind of partner we are looking for

EVA Global serves the EV charging ecosystem as a whole, mainly through the Energy Sector; Charger Manufacturers; Charge Point Operators (CPOs); Fleet Owners and Managers and Logistics Hubs, but also including Mobility Service Providers; CPMS Providers; Retail and Hospitality; and Vehicle OEMs.

Contact info EVA Solutions Group Oy https://www.evaglobal.com

Tel: +447548656488 Aleksanterinkatu 32 33100 Tampere

Account Executive Marcel Mathis
Head of Product Marketing Ukko Järvinen
Last updated 11.4.2024