Centria university of applied sciences

Centria University of Applied Sciences is a home for 4000 students and 330 researchers and teachers. Centria SecuLab is one of the research laboratories at Centria that offers its facilities to improve cybersecurity in both software and hardware solutions. www.seculab.fi

Company size: 250-500 Employees
Current markets:
Turnover: € 25-50M
Key offering: Cybersecurity,Communications and Mobility
Keywords: Security testing

Our value proposition

Centria SecuLab helps organizations to provide more cybersecure solutions.

Our offering

Centria SecuLab is a closed and secure research and test environment. We have up-to-date software and devices to detect deficiencies of all kinds. We use virtualization to allow us to adjust hardware, operating systems, and environment configurations. This can be combined with real hardware for testing purposes.

About Centria university of applied sciences

During its research history, Centria SecuLab has studied cases of connected cars, critical infrastructure, artificial intelligence, industrial automation, IoT, smart homes and much more. We also provide training in cybersecurity awareness, data privacy regulations, and cybersecurity management.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Organizations that are interested to improve their cybersecurity.

Contact info Centria university of applied sciences https://www.seculab.fi

Tel: +358 449 2524 Vierimaantie 7 84100 Ylivieska

Senior Lecturer Joni Jämsä
Last updated 11.6.2024