Advian Oy

Advian enables you to gain an unfair competitive advantage with refined analytics solutions. With our help, you bring analytics into your processes and tie data to your business strategy. Our solutions consist of location data, external data and edge analytics – powered by AI and machine learning.

Company size: 10-50 Employees
Current markets: Asia, Europe
Turnover: € 0-25M
Key offering: Automotive Manufacturing
Keywords: EdgeAI, remote sensing, GIS analytics, industrial iot,

Our value proposition

The configurable EdgeAI platform enables industrial customers to monitor their operations in real-time and react instantly - enabling them to increase production, increase overall efficiency and reduce quality costs.

Our offering

Advian offers Edge AI solutions utilizing real-time drone data from variety of sensors-video camera, thermal camera, multi-/hyperspectral, LiDAR, GNSS, inertia etc. With sensor fusion we combine drone data to other data sources to create new insights to automate customer's business processes. We are focused on industrial solutions.

About Advian Oy

Advian offers a unique combination of edge computing, location intelligence and artificial intelligence / machine learning to provide edge AI solutions for multiple industries and countless amount of business use cases. Our competence ranges from electronics and sensors to novel machine learning models, from spatial analysis to sensor fusion algorithms, we always focus on business value for the customer.

What kind of partner we are looking for

Local partners that would be interested in selling, installing and supporting the industrial EdgeAI solution.

Contact info Advian Oy

Tel: +358400494492 Metallimiehenkuja 10 02150 Espoo, Finland

CEO Janne Honkonen
Last updated 5.3.2024