ÖÖD Hotels is expanding its operations to Finland

Estonian ÖÖD Hotels, known for its unique glass cabins, is investing in Finland. The first ÖÖD cabins will be completed soon in Pyhtää. The company plans to expand its operations next to Mikkeli, and discussions are underway with places like Naantali and Kuusamo.

ÖÖD Hotels is aiming for 60-80 glass cabins across different parts of Finland. (Photo: ÖÖD Hotels)

ÖÖD Hotels, which translates to "nights", specializes in constructing and operating design glass cabins in beautiful natural locations around the world. The company was founded in 2018 when brothers Jaak and Andreas Tiik couldn't find accommodation to their liking in nature. Currently, there are ÖÖD glass cabins in over twenty countries on three different continents – Versso in Pyhtää is the company's first destination in Finland. ÖÖD Hotels plans to bring 60-80 mirror cabins to different parts of Finland over the next 3–5 years. The company is actively seeking suitable landowners from the archipelago, lake regions, the southern coast, and Lapland.

“ÖÖD buildings blend naturally into a variety of stunning natural landscapes that Finland has in abundance. We are actively looking for local landowners who have unique and easily accessible locations and are interested in collaborating. Our goal is for the mirror cabins to introduce visitors to these beautiful natural destinations. Our team eagerly anticipates the completion of ÖÖD's first location in Finland later this year," says Andreas Tiik, CEO of ÖÖD Hotels.

"Our goal is for the mirror cabins to introduce visitors to these beautiful natural destinations." – Andreas Tiik, CEO, ÖÖD Hotels

ÖÖD Hotels' investments in the tourism industry are particularly welcome, as the sector has faced many challenges in recent years. This new concept diversifies the luxury travel accommodation offerings and fits well in Finland, where nature tourism is one of its strongest tourism assets.

ÖÖD HotelCabin in the woods

"Foreign investments are important for Finland. It is delightful that ÖÖD Hotels' first investments are coming to Eastern Finland, where new groups of travelers are needed to fill the gap left by Russian tourists. Invest in Finland's mission is to assist foreign companies in establishing and investing in Finland. We introduced the Finnish tourism market to ÖÖD Hotels and connected them with regional stakeholders across Finland," says Kaija Laitinen, an expert at Invest in Finland.

ÖÖD Hotels emphasizes sourcing materials locally and designs its cabins to withstand weather conditions and time. The construction of the glass cabins emphasizes minimal environmental impact, and they visually blend into their surroundings. The houses on Versso Island are the latest prototype model for ÖÖD Hotels, utilizing the latest innovative materials and products to maximize energy efficiency and enable year-round use of the cabins.

ÖÖD Hotels emphasizes sourcing materials locally and designs its cabins to withstand weather conditions and time.

"The cabins avoid disposable plastics, use low-energy lighting solutions, and prefer local products and services. ÖÖD Hotels aims to respect the local environment and leave it in its natural state to ensure visitors have an experience of nature at its best and wildest," says Daniel Fanselow, Development Manager at ÖÖD Hotels.

Did you know?

ÖÖD is making their best to eliminate the risk of birds flying in to ÖÖD Cabins.

To be more visible to birds, ÖÖD uses a special UV film stickers by Window Alert on all ÖÖD Cabins. These stickers reflect ultraviolet light, which birds can see but humans can't, since birds have vision that is up to 12 times better than that of humans. When light reflects, birds understand that there is an object on their way and they will change direction. This ultraviolet light glows like a stoplight for birds.

Also, as the cabins are ''low-rise'', most birds are flying over the cabins. In general, units that are placed in wide open fields or in forests do not have much of a problem regards to birds. This is because, in those environments, the birds' flight paths are either not that low to the ground or not very fast (in the case of the forest). Additionally, the mirror glass reflects the bird itself, so in that sense, being able to see their own reflection, it is somewhat safer that translucent glass.

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